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Basement Boys Music

Quality Songs Available

Marcell & the Truth

A true soul project looking for a home.


By: Bill Buckley (Blues and Soul Magazine UK)

I know the Basement Boys label, but I don’t know Marcel and the Truth. If I didn’t know better I’d suggest that the great David Peaston has morphed into Marcel Russell, the lead singer here. Russell, you see, has one of those huge gospel reared voices that can do both whispers and screams with pure soul beauty. Hear that to best effect on this album’s title cut. “Hopes Too High” is simply one of the best real soul ballads I’ve heard this year.

Marcell Photo

Mudfoot Jones

Mudfoot photo

A conceptual album from the production duo that made Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman" so darn seductive, Basement Boys Presents Mudfoot Jones is a rousing nostalgia trip loosely based on a fictional blues drummer from Louisiana (accent on "loosely"). The Mudfoot character crops up in the intro and interludes, but it's really just an excuse for the producers to explore and twist early jazz, blues, and gospel into stylish, funky dancefloor numbers. "Everything's Gon' Be Alright" is an up-up-up-uptempo joyful noise with a vocal sample that sits a little off the beats, a device that crops up elsewhere and gives the album an organic edge instead of a too slick sheen. More filling is the jazz-driven "Jaybird," which combines live vibes and horns with the Basement Boys' backing track going from house to jungle. The "Pray for Me," "Swingin'," and "That Jazz" sequence takes the listener from a Deep South church on Sunday to the set of a Josephine Baker movie with tribal drums pounding, and then on to an after-hours jam session in Cab Calloway's basement. Rangy, but those who know the Basement Boys work past "Gypsy Woman" know they're up to the task and smart enough to build a coherent album out of all this genre-blending. Put this somewhat near your copy of Moby's Play, but closer to any Herbert records you might own, then grab a tasteful, comfortable jacket and get ready for a finger-snapping good time. ~

David Jeffries, All Music Guide


2328 Champlain St. NW #309

Washington, DC 20009


outnow title

Andrea Holdclaw (BBR096)

"Get Lifted"

Produced by Teddy Douglas

Teddy Douglas & Hoza (BBR095)

"God Helps Those (Who Help Themselves)"

Produced by Teddy Douglas


Teddy Douglas & Hoza (BBR094)


Produced by Teddy Douglas

Jasper Street Co. (BBR093)

"Wanna Be Happy"

Produced by DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins & David Anthony

Teddy Douglas Feat. Marcell (BBR092)

"Good Morning Love" Remixes

Teddy Douglas Reproduction and Adam Rios & Mark Francis Remix

Teddy Douglas Feat. Marcell (BBR091)

"Til My Baby Comes Home"

Teddy Douglas & Kenny Carpenter Remixes

Rochelle Fleming (BBR090)

"Nobody's Fool"

Produced by Teddy Douglas

Teddy Douglas Feat. Marcell (BBR089)

"Good Morning Love"

Featuring Natalie the Floacist

Teddy Douglas Feat. Marcell (BBR088)

"Wonderful "

Performed by Marcell and The Truth

Teddy Douglas Feat. Marcell (BBR087)

"Only A Fool " Remixes

Kenny Carpenter

Jasper Street Company (BBR086)

"Reach" Remixes

Kenny Carpenter

Dimitri from Paris


Jasper Street Company (BBR085)




Navasha Daya (BBR084)

"Supernova Spinning"



Marcell / Maysa (BBR083)




Teddy Douglas (BBRCD009)

"Turn That Jungle Music Down"

1) Jungle DJ

2) The Path

3) Blow the Whistle

4) Good Morning Love (Hozay Dub)

5) Time Is Running Out

6) Journey To The Motherland

7) Motherland II

8) My First Horn Song


Ann Nesby (BBR082)

"Shelter (2014 Remix) "



Teddy Douglas (BBR081)

"Jungle DJ "


Invisible Life feat. Kenny Bobien (BBR081)

"Born This Way"

Basement Boys Classic 12" Mix

Wayne Cooper, Hozay Clowney Inst.

Studio 54 Vocal Remix

Studio 54 Instrumental Remix

Rochelle Fleming (BBR079)

"I'm Gonna Give It To You "


Rochelle's Revenge Underground Goodie Mix

Teddy Douglas Unreleased Edit

Rochelle Fleming (BBR078)

"I'm Gonna Give It To You "

Teddy's Main 12" Mix

Teddy's Instrumental Mix

Accapella Dub

Radio Edit

Kayenne (BBR077)

"Love Don't Love You Back"

Teddy Douglas Vocal Remix

Teddy Douglas Remix Instrumental

Kayenne (BBR076)

"Love Don't Love You Back"

Kai Alce's Original NDATL Vocal

Kai Alce's NDATL Dubstrumental

Teddy Douglas presents

Sharon Brown-Adams   (BBR075)

"I Can't Seem "

Vocal Mix


Radio Mix

Mudfoot Jones  (BBRCD008)

"Basement Boys present

  Mudfoot Jones "

  New Tracks-Extennded Versions

1) "Black Heroes"

2) "Mudfoot Theme"

3) "Do the Boogaloo"

4) "Jaybird"

5) "Everything's Gon' Be Alright"

6) "Gotta Hold On:"

7) "That Jazz"

8) "Never Seen It Comin'"

9) "Mamma's Spanish Joint"

10) "Pray For Me"

11) "Hold On I'm Comin'"

Mudfoot Jones  (BBR074)

"Black Heroes "

Vocal Mix



Mudfoot Jones fest. Marcell (BBR073)

"Never Seen It Comin' "

Vocal Mix




Chino  (BBR072)

"Is It Love "

Vocal Mix


Teddy Douglas (BBR071)

"Journey to the Motherland "


Motherland Beats

Primal Massive (BBR070)
"Let's Go "

DJ Teddy Douglas Edit



cd cover freestyle

Basement Boys Present


On Freestyle- UK/Europe

1) Intro

2) Jaybird

3) Gotta Hold On

4) Everythings Gon Be Alright

5) Boomerang

6) Hold On I'm Comin

7) Pray For Me

8) Swingin’

9) That Jazz

10) Never Seen It Comin

11) Mamma's Spanish Joint

12) See The Light

DJ Oji (BBR069)

DJ Teddy Douglas Edit

Teddy Douglas

"The Caribou"

Karizma Remix

Basement Boys (BBRCD006)

3 unmixed CDs- Classics, Re-edits,

Remixes, Unreleased


1. Those Guys

    I Walk Alone   (8.05) 

    (Dimitri from Paris Re-Edit)

2. Ann Nesby & Jasper Street Co.

    Praisin' His Name  (6:56)

    (Grant Nelson Remix)

3. SubLevel Feat. Andrea Holdclaw

    Don't Blame Me  (14:20)

    (Original Demo Mix)

4. Crystal Waters

    Gypsy Woman  (9:41)

    (DJ Teddy Douglas Re-edit)

5. Ultra Nate

    It's Over Now  (7:45)

6. Martha Wash

    Leave a Light On  (13:26)

7. Mass Order

    Lift Every Voice (Take Me Away)



1. Basement Boys

    Love Don't Live Here (8:35)

2. Those Guys

    Love Love Love  (10:03)

3. DJ Oji

    Scattmasters  (8:06) 

    (DJ Teddy Douglas Re-edit)

4. Crystal Waters

    Surprise  (9:24) 

    (Unreleased Remix)

5. Vinx

    Through Colored Folks Eyes  (8:03)

     (Unreleased Deepah Ones Mix)

6. Those Guys

     Tonite  (11:10)

7. Teddy Douglas & Louis Radio

     The Violin  (6:51)

8. Kenny Bobien

     You Gave Me Love  (8:08)

     (Unreleased Mix)


1. Crystal Waters

    100% Pure Love  (7:33)

2. Jasper Street Company

    A Feelin'  (10.21)

3. Teddy Douglas   

     The Path  (7:52)

4. SubLevel Feat. Donnell Rush

    Time to Celebrate  (4:35)

    (Unreleased  Demo Mix)

5. 007

    Do You Believe  (9:51)

6. Jasper Street Company

    God Helps Those  (Who Help

    Themselves)  (8:01)

7. Russell

    Fool for Love  (10:04)

8. Spenitch

    I'm Blessed  (6:54)

9. Belita Woods

    Best of Me (Unreleased Mix)  (7:50)

Basement Boys (BBR068)
" Accapellas Vol 2"

Mix Your Own- DJ Tools


Bring It Back

Check It Out

Church Today

He’s Alright

I Got Drunk

I Want You



Mamma Chant


Rock Your Body


The Audition

The Colonel


Teddy Douglas (BBR067)
"The Path"

Salvation Mix

Sunset Mix


Those Guys
"I Walk Alone"

Dimitri from Paris Re-edit

Dimitri Re-edit

Dr Jay's Re-edit

Those Guys
"I Walk Alone"

Vocal Mix


Basement Boys (BBRCD004)
History of House Music

15th Anniversary Mix

DISC   1   

Mixed by DJ Teddy Douglas

1. basement boys- love don't live here /those guys -dialogue

2. ultra nate -it's over now  

3. those guys -tonite

4. mass order -lift every voice

5. 331/3 queen -searchin'

6. crystal waters -gypsy woman

7. martha wash -leave a light on

8. jasper street co .-a feelin'

9. xaviera gold -bad girls

10. crystal waters -100% pure love

11 .those guys -love love love

DISC 2   

Mixed by DJ Spen

1. audra lomax -givin' all my love

2. kenny bobien -you gave me love

3 .007 -do you believe

4. dj spen -craze at midnight

5. teddy douglas/louis radio -the violin

6. spenich -i'm blessed

7. jasper street co .-god helps those

8. ann nesby -praisin' his name

9. taja sevelle -sympathy for the devil

10 .those guys -american poem

11. fertile ground -live in the light

Michelle Weeks (BBR064)
"Gotta Keep Tryin'"

Basement Boys Remix

Basement Boys Remix


Basement Boys (BBR061)
"Got Accapellas?"

Mix Your Own- DJ Tools

1) Black Girls

2) God's Children

3) Wanna Dance

4) Back in Time

5) Xcuse Me Mr DJ

6) Janis

7) What Happened to the Soul

8) Siren 1

9) Siren 2

10) Rain

11) Wind

12) You Must Feeo Something

Jasper Street Co.(BBR062)
"Got Me Going"

Scotty K Remix

Klubhouse Mix

Klubhouse Instrumental

Jasper Street Co.

Collection (BBRCD0003)

Disc 1

1. Solid Ground

2. Temptation (Lead Us Not)

3. Love Changes


5. Believe in Me

6. Fly Away

7. Get Together

8. A Feelin'

9. Joze Jazz

10. Smile

Disc 2

1. Music

2. Till I Found U

3. I Wanna Sing

4. Stand on the Word
5. Got Me Going
6. God HelpsThose
    (Who Help Themselves)
7. Another Day
8. Joy
9. The Calling
10. He's Alright
11. Don't Worry
12. I Love the Lord

13. Praisin' His Name
14. No Deliveries Today
15. Reflections

16. To God Be The Glory

17. Smile (Deepah Dub)

Jasper Street Co.
"Collection"  (BBR060)

Unreleased Mixes Double-Vinyl

A. Till I Found You 

 Full 12" Mix

B. Music

  Teddy Douglas Re-edit

C. Praisin' His Name

  DJ Spen & Karizma Unreleased Mix

D. God Helps Those

  Jr. Vasquez Unreleased Mix



Through Colored Folks Eyes

Black Boy

Taste to be Acquired

Through Colored Folks Eyes

Don't Talk To Me Like That

Man and Wife

Kiss Yourself for Me

Oil Drum Song




Tomorrow Afro-Beat Vocal (Listen)

Carnival Mix (Listen)

This Is Elephunk


*Taja Sevelle- Never Givin' Up

     (Brazilian Mix)

*Fertil Ground-Live in the Light (UK Remix)

Vinx- Tomorrow

Klement Bonelli & Rochdee-Nocturne

*Belita Woods & Leroy Burgess-

   Best of Me    Basement Boys Orig. Mix

*Teddy Douglas- The Bush

Sharon Adams- Take You Down

Marvin Springer- Broken Down Soldier

Marvin Springer- July

Vinx- Taste to be Acquired

*On Double Pack Vinyl ELFK005

Fertile Ground


Live in the Light (UK Remix)

Jasper Street Co.

Remixes from Stand!

Got Me Going RMX

Original CD Mix

*DJ Spen Remix  7:32

*Baltimore Club Beats


He's Alright RMX

*Joe T. Vannelli RMX

Gianni Coletti "Housegroovers"

Stefano Mat's Mattara RMX

Basement Boys Handclap Mix



Jasper Street Co. (GHR007)
"He's Alright"

/"Got Me Going"


He's Alright 12" Mix

He's Alright Basement Boys Hand Clap Mix

Got Me Going

DJ Spen House Mix

*Teddy Douglas (BBR059)
Bangin Mix

*Belita Woods & Leroy Burgess (BBR058)
"Best of Me"
Sir Piers "curious" Jazz Funked Vocal Mix
Sir Piers "curious" Jazz Funked Instrumental Mix

*Ann Nesby

Shelter Remix

Shelter Remix

Shelter Dub

*Taja Sevelle (BBR057)
"Sympathy for the Devil"
12" Vocal Mix 
Deepah Dub 

Klement Bonelli & Rochdee (ELFK003)

"Nocturne" Original Mix

Nocturne Beats

Intermede Mix

*Audra Lomax (BBR056)
"Givin' All My Love"
12" Vocal Mix
Timbale Dub 

*Jasper Street Co.

Stand! (GHRCD0001)

1. Stand on the Word
2. Got Me Going
3. God HelpsThose
    (Who Help Themselves)

4. Another Day
5. Joy
6. The Calling
7. He's Alright
8. Don't Worry
9. I Love the Lord

10. Praisin' His Name
11. No Deliveries Today
12. Reflections

????????  (BBR055)
"No One"



Afro-Beat Vocal

Carnival Mix

*Jasper Street Co. (BBR054)
"Another Day"

Blaze Remixes

Blaze Shrine Vocal

Blaze Shrine Dub
Original Musi•pella


"American Poem Beats"

"Soul Power Prt 1"

"Soul Power Prt 2"

"Violin Beats"

"I'm Blessed" Accapella


Ann Nesby

Shelter 12" Mix


Jasper Street Co. (BBR053)
"Another Day"

Liquid People RMX

Original Mix

*Jasper St. Co.

Interpretations-The Remix Collection CD (BBRCD002) and Vinyl Sampler (BBRS002)

  1. "Praisin' His Name"-Feat. Ann Nesby NEW
  2. "To God Be Glory" NEW
  3. "Another Day" NEW
  4. "Lift Every Voice"-remixed by MousseT(Unreleased)
  5. "Fly Away"-remixed by Frankie Knuckles
  6. "Till I Found You"-keys by "Little" Louie Vega
  7. "Love Changes"-remixed by Boris Dlugosch
  8. "A Feelin"- remixed by Farley & Heller
  9. "Get Together"-remixed by Roger Sanchez
  10. "God Helps Those"-remix by Junior Vasquez

Jasper Street Co.

featuring Ann Nesby

"Praisin' His Name"

The Grant Nelson Rmx

"God Helps Those (Who Help Themselves)"

KW Balto Club Rmx

God's House Records (GHR001)

from Forthcoming CD "Stand"

Jasper Street Co.

featuring Ann Nesby

"Praisin' His Name"
Basement Boys Records (BBR052)
from Forthcoming CD "Interpretations-The Remix Collection"
"Summa Ganni"-Featuring Abdoulaye Ndiaye-slammin' afro-beat gem

"Valdez in the Country"-mellow cover of the Donnie Hathaway classic
Elephunk Records (ELFK001)
Klement Bonelli & Rochdee Featuring Audra Lomax
"Don't Hurt Me"
Basement Boys Records (BBR051)